Vacation Railfanning


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I just got back from a week at the beach in North Carolina. While traveling to and fro, I couldn’t help checking out what trains I might see. Unfortunately, I was only prepared with camera to quickly snap this beauty. This is Aberdeen, Carolina & Western #9538, an EMD GP40-2LW, formerly of the CN, where it had the same road number.

This guy had a cut of about 3 cars near Candor, NC, and just after I took the picture, they scooted away. On the return trip, the same line had a very long train of covered hoppers, but I could not see what was pulling it.

I also spotted a couple of long coal drags hauling black gold out of the West Virginia hills and a fast manifest freight rolling westbound through southern North Carolina.

The vacation itself was a week full of sun and sand and surf, but I also relaxed while reading “Railroad Signaling” by Brian Solomon – an excellent book if you want to understand the whys and wherefores of signaling. And I managed to get some further detailing done on my HO GP20 project, too… But that’s grist for another post…

Glover’s Bend

I’m trying to kill a few birds with one post here. First, I’m testing the WordPress iPhone App. Second, I want to give a sneak preview a project that has been officially “under wraps”, though I’ve been hashing out the plans on for a while. Mahalo and many thanks to my friends there who have been helping!!

Anyway, I have decided to significantly expand the Mini-layout. The current tiny oval is just too small and offers little opportunity for operations.

The new layout is an 80×36 “hollow core door” or “HCD” layout featuring bridges, tunnels, a yard, a double loop main, staging – the works!! The track an is pretty well settled and I am working on details of the scenery plan, signaling and control.

I’ll post a layout map as soon as I get one cleaned up.

Centrally placed on the layout will be the town of Glover’s Bend. I am still considering the exact location and history, so I can’t even say what state it will be in just yet. Glover’s Bend is named after the very real, very small and very old Glover’s Gap, WV, which is something of an ancestral home for one branch of my family. The “bend” part of Glover’s Bend refers to the rather significant bend in the river behind the town and over which the railroad bridges twice.

The news, today, is the name. We only just settled on it.

I’m preparing to start on the benchwork right after our upcoming vacation. Stay tuned!