NSNX2012 Working the Town Branch

The CH&FR has taken a temporary lease on an EMD GP7, NSNX2012 to provide additional power for some heavy moves in the local area. Here you can see the unit coupled to B&O7413, entering the Town Branch spur at Glover’s Bend.

The Frost River Locomotive Works also performed some maintenance and upgrad work on the unit’s MU hoses and train line hoses.

The unit is expected to be in town for a few more days, and then will be moving on to its next customer.

Staging Yard Extension Complete

  by BGTwinDad
, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

In other news that I’m trying to get caught up on, the new Williamson Staging yard/shelf is now largely complete and operational.  The extension hooks onto the layout via a clamping fixture (for lack of a better term) on the end of the layout proper, and then plugs into the DCC bus via a pair of Anderson PowerPole connectors.  When not in use, the extension is made to hang on the wall out of the way, using shelf-track hardware for the wall mounting.

The extension provides 3 single-ended storage tracks, plus an A/D track with a run-around.  All tracks are wired to easily retrofit train detection hardware, when I hit the lottery.

This yard, as it plugs into the layout, represents the Williamson end of the track schematic.  Trains exiting the yard throat enter the layout at the upper left corner and proceed clockwise around the right end before reaching the Glover’s Bend yard.

The track interface at the layout/extension joint has no joiners, and relies upon a simple “tight fit” similar to those used in the FreemoN modular standard for the connection.

NSNX2012 Visits the CH&FR

Bachmann vs. Atlas GP7 by BGTwinDad
Bachmann vs. Atlas GP7, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

This week, another member of the nScale.net Traveling Fleet visited the CH&FR at Glover’s Bend… this time it’s a locomotive.  NSNX 2012 is an EMD GP7 (Atlas Master Line model), customized and weathered by nScale.net member “jpwisc”.  Shown here beside the CH&FR’s own GP7 #6411, the NSNX unit will spend another week or so performing helper service on the Glover’s Bend Subdivision before moving on to the next stop on its tour.

While here, I added MU hoses and trainline hoses to the front and rear pilots.  I hope my work does this fine locomotive justice.

New Social Media Sites

Dateline Glover’s Bend, WV 15-Aug-2012

Bolstering its position as a 21st century railroad rooted in its 19th century beginnings, the CH&FR Railroad has begun to embrase social media.  Today it announces the addition of a Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/CHFRRailroad) and a Twitter Feed (@CHFRRailroad) to its existing web site and blog.

The Company expects to continue to provide in-depth coverage of progress here in the blog, while using the Facebook page for sharing of photos and the Twitter feed for quick status updates.