Coalporters! by BGTwinDad
Coalporters!, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

The CH&FR has just taken possession of a set of five Bethgon Coalporters on consignment (assignment?) from CSX. These big, lightweight modern coal haulers will be put to work improving the efficiency of bringing the black gold from the LaVere mine to market by way of CSX’s Russell, KY yard.

These new Athearn models were a surprise gift from a friend on, a wholly undeserved thank-you for some help I rendered with a minor computer issue. The CH&FR Management and I are very grateful for such kindness from our friends.

Planning the yard

Planning the yard by BGTwinDad
Planning the yard, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

Here I am laying out some scenery details for the space alongside the yard ladder. The small shed will actually be the local model railroad club’s layout… we’ll also have a stack of pre-fab track segments, a stack of loose rail, a pile of ballast, and some trucks and/or wheels ready to be loaded on a MOW or wreck train. There will be a gravel drive alongside the track. Stay tuned!

WM761 pulls a short freight

WM761 pulls a short freight by BGTwinDad
WM761 pulls a short freight, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

WM761 brings two new additions to the fleet into Glover’s Bend on the wye diorama. Trailing the engine are ATSF15231, an Atlas USRA 40′ boxcar, and Rutland 103, a Micro-Trains PS-1 boxcar. Both are gifts from a fellow railroader.

ATSF 15231, a USRA 40′ boxcar by Atlas
Rutland 103, a PS-1 40′ boxcar by Micro-Trains