CH&FR 7401 Maiden Run

[flickr video=8137620926 show_info=true secret=ca481d1f2e w=500 h=281]
CH&FR 7401 Maiden Run a video by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

After installing a new airhorn, the crew brought CH&FR #7401 out for a quick test run with her sister engine B&O #7413. Both engines will be assigned together to haul coal from the local mines to interchange at Williamson, WV and Russell, KY.

Both models are EMD SD35s, made by Atlas, as part of their Trainman line. ┬áThe Chessie unit is “out of box”, and the CH&FR unit has had a number of custom details added, including see-through vent fans, MU hoses, sun shades, grab irons and the new horn. ┬áBoth units have a Digitrax DN163A0 DCC decoder, though they have not yet been speed matched.