New Camera

P1000105 by BGTwinDad
P1000105, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

I recently purchased a new camera — a Panasonic Lumix G5 — and took it out for a bit of railfanning. This is one of the shots I took, of a grade crossing signal. This shot hasn’t been edited at all, and i think it came out pretty nice.

I’m sure I could punch up the colors a bit, sharpen it, crop it and all that other jazz, but to me there’s something nice about capturing a nice image straight from the camera. What do you think?

Scenery Progress

Scenery Progress by BGTwinDad
Scenery Progress, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

While painting the train station, I’ve been filling in the scenery around the fron tof the town. Here’s an aerial shot. You can see some basic grass sprouting up, track ballasted, roads in place, and gravel berms for the road.

The station is planned to go in the space covered in black just to the left of / in front of the green boxcar.  It won’t really be all “paved” like that, but I had to do something to cover up the green foam in that space.  It is very reflective, and either shows up too bright or causes the rest of the picture to be underexposed.

Here’s a second photo just a bit farther “east”, where you can see some more grass laid down.

Track just east of the train station

Here, you can see some of the differentiation in ballast colors.  The two main lines have a bright grey ballast, indicative of freshly manicured track.  To the left is the yard, with its darker, dirtier brown track mixed with cinders and diesel oil from heavy use and a bit less care than the main.  And above the mainline, you can see the brown ballast on the town branch, indicative of light use but a lot of dirt infiltration from the weather.

In hindsight, I probably overdid the town branch brown just a bit.  A more 50/50 mix with the grey would probably have been better.  But this still provides a clear delineation between the mainline and the auxiliary tracks, which is what I was going for.