Mountaineer Propane

Mountaineer Propane

It’s been a long summer, with plenty of things to stall progress on the railroad, but with fall comes a little bit more time, thankfully.

The Mayor of Glover’s Bend is proud to announce the arrival of a new industry to the town, bringing much-needed jobs. Mountaineer Propane will be opening its doors soon, receiving regular shipments by railcar from the CH&FR and providing deliveries to industries and homes throughout the region by truck.

Because of the fragility of the pipework, I built it all on a plastic base, which just this weekend I was able to cover with gravel. The base will be fitted into the layout, hopefully so that I can remove it for further detail. I’ll have to blend the edges with more gravel, maybe some weeds and shrubs, and a fence.

The black strip in the foreground will be a paved loading space for tank trucks, which may be a challenge to locate relatively modern examples of. And I’ll need a sign for the roof of the office building.

The kit is the Walthers Central Gas and Supply. It was quite easy to assemble, taking just an hour or two, once the paint was dry, and I think it would be fairly easy to customize the piping if you have an unusually shaped space.