Progress Continues on the Mine Tipple

P1080430 by BGTwinDad
P1080430, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

The LaVere Mining Company reports that progress continues slowly but steadily on its #3 Mine Tipple near Glover’s Bend, WV.

Base construction is complete. Final roof installation is waiting upon the electricians to install the interior lighting. At that point, the tipple will be weathered and installed on the layout, with scenery completed in the vicinity.

We expect to be working on this area for some time, but hope to have the mine operational by winter.

Not to worry…

There hasn’t been too much layout activity to report on lately.  Not to worry.  It’s volleyball season, lots of other school activities going on as well.  But we’re just about through that and closing in on the less busy winter times.  Plus, my new additional hobby of photography has been sucking up a lot of the financial resources previously allocated to the railroad.  That too seems to be stabilizing (as long as I can control my apparent addition to old lenses on eBay!).

So if you’re one of my two or three faithful followers, hang in there, and thank you so much for your patience.  More will definitely be coming, and soon, at least on model railroad time scales…