Frost River Moves Upstairs

After a long discussion with the “Planning Commission”, the CH&FR has been ceded property rights to the 10×10 foot spare bedroom upstairs. Plans are progressing for an around the walls shelf layout (with a peninsula) that will provide point to point operations for several people.

The proposed track plan is based closely upon the HO scale “Midwest Branch Line” plan designed by Lance Mindheim with some modifications for the continuous run and the point-to-point (vs. out-and-back branch) operations. And of course conversion to the different room dimensions and N scale. Continue reading Frost River Moves Upstairs

A Novel Approach to Fast Clocks

A “Fast Clock” is used on a model railroad to speed up the passage of time in the model world during operations. Traditionally, it is literally a clock, set to run at some multiple of actual time. The idea is to simulate, for example, a 12 hour work shift in 3 hours of model run time by running the clock at 4:1 speed.

The traditional fast clock is great for mainline train running, since it helps to “uncompress” the very short distances between our modeled towns. Switching operations, though, don’t work quite so well, because switching operations are less “compressed” than mainline runniing. It can take almost the same amount of time to complete a switch job on the model as it does on the real thing.

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New Display Case

Progress has been quite slow, and I haven’t had much time to write.  I do have several “irons in the fire” that should bear fruit in the near future.  I am holding off on writing about them because I want to write complete articles.  In the meantime, here is a nice thing that I picked up for a song at our local NMRA club’s monthly meeting: a display case.

Display Case

It’s a cleverly simple design, utilizing a pegboard and hangers to support the wood shelves. Not exactly a museum-quality backdrop, but it’s pretty well made for what it is, complete with the sliding plexiglass doors. I haven’t mounted it on the wall yet, but I have found a use for it.

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