Modern Power in the Area

While hanging out at Nolan yard today, I caught an unusual sight… a loaded CSX coal train rerouted through Glover’s Bend due to some track maintenance on the usual route.

New Road Power

These are two new GE ES44AC “GEVO” locomotives made by Kato that I picked up from a friend.  They won’t see much service in Glover’s Bend, but will be hard at work on the mainline in Frost River, once the trackwork is done.


Fun in the snow!

Yesterday, Kentucky got over a foot of snow (17 inches at Bluegrass Airport!) in less than 18 hours.  It wasn’t all bad, though.  Here’s some video of my friend Ray clearing the rails on his 7-1/2 inch gauge Soo Line railroad.

The fun part is that we had just gotten cleaned up from a foot-deep snowfall a few weeks earlier.  Here’s some more video of that snow-clearing job…

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Sometimes you do need a pro…

If you are ever in the need for some expert layout design help, contact M.C. Fujiwara at Yardgoat Layout Design.  This guy is “the man”.

I was growing increasingly frustrated with the design I posted earlier, and the various changes I was making to it.  I could not clearly articulate in track and scenes the concepts that were swirling around in my head, and the pressure of this being my “main” layout was causing me all kinds of grief.  I was getting plenty of helpful advice from some trusted advisors, but it just wasn’t coming together. Continue reading Sometimes you do need a pro…