I’m reaching one of those points where I’ve put too many irons in the fire. I really need to back down and finish some of the older ones before picking up any new ones… but it’s so tempting. The problem is, my ADD kicks in and I run off chasing the next shiny object, and then other things get dropped.

For example, already to-do are:

  • Finishing painting the train room
  • Starting benchwork for the layout
  • Writing three different magazine articles
  • Putting together a clinic for my local NMRA club
  • Building up a Shapeways NRE Genset locomotive
  • Building up at least 3 different HO scale covered hoppers
  • Moving all my tools and supplies upstairs
  • Planning a shelf switching layout as a demo
  • Continued work on the CH&FR website
  • Getting out to take some good train photos
  • Completing my coal flood loader scratch-build
  • Completing customization of my kitbashed log cars

And then there’s the usual non-train related stuff going on, such as:

  • Keeping up with the housework
  • Building and maintaining my son’s Boy Scout troop website
  • Travel and family fun stuff
  • Painting and updating the rest of the house
  • Work
  • Continued practice on four different musical instruments

… and so on.

And then there’s the new projects I want to take on…

  • Creating a diorama for a contest
  • Scratch building a special flat car
  • Custom designing detection and signaling equipment
  • Getting my layout video blog started
  • Finding hours to volunteer with my club

And that’s just the stuff that comes to mind right off my head. I’m sure I’ve already forgotten a few things.

It’s definitely time to focus and knock some things off. I don’t want this to sound like a brag sheet. Truth is, almost none of this (except, of course, work and the honey-do list) is actually getting done, at least not with any speed or efficiency or effectiveness.

In the case of the hobby stuff, it’s not so important. What matters is getting a little bit done step by step here and there, moving the ball forward and having fun with it.

Enough blogging. Time to get something done to blog about!