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High Bridge, KY



Over the weekend, my wife and I made a quick trip down to High Bridge, KY (near Wilmore) to see the famous High Bridge over the Kentucky River.  This bridge was built in 1876 for the Cincinnati Southern Railway, rebuilt in 1911, and expanded to two tracks in 1929.  It is, as you can see, still in use by Norfolk Southern today.

At the time it was built, it was the tallest bridge over a navigable waterway, and the tallest railroad bridge in the world until the early 20th century.

There’s a small park near the north end of the bridge with a dance pavilion, playground, restored caboose, and a scenic overlook, where you can also see the confluence of the Kentucky and Dix rivers just upstream of the bridge.

I hope to return later in the summer when the foliage is on and the river less muddy for some better photos.

ETA: Here’s a few more shots from this weekend’s visit…





Coal Drag

Coal Drag by BGTwinDad
Coal Drag, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

A first attempt at focus stacking.  There’s still plenty to do on the scenery, but I wanted to get a photo of my H4 Mallet pulling a string of 55-ton hoppers.  And I wanted to try using my new camera (not new new, the Lumix G5) on the layout.

One of the major problems of taking photos of small objects like an N-scale train layout is the extremely narrow depth of field most cameras give at suitable distances.  This results in one small part of the photo being in sharp focus and the rest being badly out of focus.  Though one can cleverly use this phenomenon to good effect, focus stacking gives another option.

With focus stacking, you take a series of photos, each focusing on a progressively farther distant part of the picture.  You then use software such as the open-source Enfuse or the commercial Helicon Focus program to “stack” the image… blending the sharply in-focus parts of each image together to create a single final image where the entire shot is in focus.

The above is only a first attempt, and a poor one at that.  I didn’t take enough original shots to get the back part of the layout in focus, and so the effect fails, though technically I did succeed in getting most of the train in focus.

Better luck next time, though.


trestle by BGTwinDad
trestle, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

I got a new camera for my 40th birthday a few months ago. Since then, I’ve been working on taking better pictures. This shot is from a CSX trestle at Paris, KY.

The tracks have been removed, but the structure still stands (trains run on the other trestle visible at the right edge of the photo).

Since taking pictures and researching “the real thing” is an important part (I think) of the modeling hobby, and, well, since this is my blog, you can probably expect a few more posts like this one.

ETA: On second thought, i’m not sure I like the way this photo turned out in post-processing (I’m still learning how to do this).  I may tray again…

I hope you enjoy!