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This is a small (12×24 inch) diorama I am building. It has two purposes: first to provide an easily portable photo-diorama for taking pictures of new rolling stock or practicing photo techniques, and second to plug in to the right-front end of my Glover’s Bend layout to provide the tail end of a wye track for the yard.


  by BGTwinDad
, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

This weekend, the Twins (well, mostly TwinBoy) and I made some trees for the Wye diorama that I’ve been putting together.

I’m not sure if I’ve posted about this diorama yet. It’s a small (10″ deep x 24″ wide) diorama that is the tail of a wye that crosses a creek and a road. I’ve been using it to practice scenery techniques for the main layout, and also as part of a “party” on

We used the Woodland Scenics Forest Canopy starter kit, fall colors edition. It is – like most of their starter kits – a mixed bag. The natural plant sprigs that are included to make the trees work OK, but they are very brittle, mashed flat and very flat-topped.

They look pretty natural from down low, like the photo above, or as true canopy (shot from above, say), but need considerable work to get to look like a real tree because all of the foliage is in a narrow band (vertically) at the top of the sprig.

Still, particularly for a low shot that doesn’t show the whole tree, they work well, and the smaller pieces make convincing bushes.The use of actual natural plant material, dried, makes for a pretty good bark look to the stalks, which is good.

The instructions show how smaller sprigs can be glued to the larger ones to fill out the tree shape, and sprigs can even be taped together using florists wrap as well – though obviously one would need to paint or texture to recover the natural trunk appearance.

What do you think?  Do they look nice?

A new maintenance shack

  by BGTwinDad
a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

This little shack will be a maintenance office/shed for the CH&FR MOW crews. It will be at the grade crossing just past the tail of the wye at Glover’s Bend (that is, it will be on my new diorama…)

This is my first kit build project… it is a GCLaser “West End Shack”. This little guy was surprisingly easy to assemble, though in hindsight there were a couple of details I wish now that I had painted first.

You can follow details of the construction on the thread I’ve posted at I still have to add some detail parts like the stove pipe, some electrical conduit, and the little fuel tank that sits outside.  This is a laser-cut microplywood kit, and it assembles quite easily for a structure so small.  Elmer’s carpenter’s glue (the yellow stuff) holds it all together, and the various features built into the parts help key everything so it assembles easily.  It is a slightly challenging kit for a rank beginner like me, but very buildable, as the fact that I didn’t completely ruin it will attest.

This shack should provide a nice place for the MOW crew to get in out of the weather, keep warm and dry, and handle the paperwork they need to do from time to time.