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NSN Summer Layout Party Completed

View of the (future) East High Bridge, Glover's Bend, WV.
View of the (future) East High Bridge, Glover's Bend, WV.

The Summer Layout Party concluded a few days ago (Aug. 15).  By all accounts it was a roaring success.  I was able to build my benchwork and get the foam rough-graded in preparation for laying roadbed.  You can see the full story in my thread on the NSN website.  Additional photos are available at Flickr.

While I was doing that, I was also fleshing out plans for the electrical system to drive this thing (there’s a thread for this, too!).  In typical Engineer fashion, I’ve seriously over-designed it, running at over 13 pages and still growing.  It’s a good thing that the design and planning part is something I enjoy.  Still, there are days when I envy the folks who can just throw some sectional track on a dinner table and start experimenting.

I’ve taken a bit of a break since then, mostly been purchasing parts & materials for the next phase, which will be tracklaying and installing the main power bus.  There will be more news on that coming soon.

Ongoing layout progress and electrical design progress will be tracked in detail on threads at, with periodic updates and news posted here as well.  I also hope to write a few articles on particular things I learn as I go along.

Oh, and in other news, I’ve got two big boxes from Parvia in my foyer!

CH&FR Announces Expansion to Glover’s Bend

Dateline: July 15, 2010

The Chestnut Hill & Frost River announced this morning plans to begin construction on a new line through the town of Glover’s Bend, WV.  The line will serve a general freight house and several industries in the town, as well as serving a mine in the vicinity.  Twice daily passenger service will be provided as well.

CH&FR has contracted with FHS Precision Surveying and Measurement Co. of Las Cruces, NM for the surveying and laying out the line.  CH&FR declined to comment on the construction contracts, as the bidding process is not yet complete.

The new line is expected to provide a significant boost in jobs for the region, as well as increased convenience and access to services for the residents of the town.

Glover’s Bend is a small but thriving town located South of Huntington, WV, not far from the mouth of Watash Creek on the Tug Fork River.  The town features a scenic overlook on its namesake bend in the creek.

Construction is expected to progress in stages, with different sections of the main line, mine tipple, town branch and yard constructed as time and resources permit.  Progress on the surveying and grading can be followed on the website as part of the 2010 Summer Layout Party project.