When building a model railroad, there are two ways to look at the model’s history.  First, there is the history of the actual layout, from conception through design, construction, scenery, operations, and eventually, disposition.  And second, there is the history of the railroad being modeled, whether it be real or fictional.

In the case of the Chestnut Hill & Frost River Railroad, the former history dates back only to 2009, while the latter history dates back to the formation of the State of West Virginia in 1863.

As this is a freelanced railroad, its “model history” is of course fictional.  The towns, people, and events involved do not, nor did they ever exist.  As a historical fiction, however, I have endeavored to keep the fiction realistic.  This includes placing the setting in a real region (Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky), in a real time (the period 1863-present), and interacting with real events in American and World history.

In some cases, I have taken the liberty of making fictional connections to real people, businesses, and events.  I hope that these liberties have the effect of bringing no dishonor to anyone.

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A fictional Appalachian Short Line Modeled in N Scale.