Loscher Marble Company, LLC

The Loscher Marble Co. is a privately owned LLC that specializes in producing glass and crystal marbles of all sizes and varieties, in quality levels ranging from the retail/toy market, through competition grade to the finest Artisan grade marbles.  Competition marble players worldwide prefer Loscher Marbles for their superior roundness, speed, density and reliability.

Bill Loscher, Sr. founded the company as a small backyard glass kiln over a hundred years ago, to indulge his love of glass-making and to make toys for the neighborhood children.  Today, his grandsons Bill III and David maintain the same high standards of quality as they share Bill Sr.’s vision with the world.  Bill Jr. still hand-makes the very finest of Artisan marbles one at a time in his father’s original kiln.

Loscher Marbles also provides specialty glass and crystal products for scientific and business applications, including custom light guides, lenses, and other precision glass products.

Tours of Loscher Marbles are available on weekends.  Please call ahead to make a reservation.

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