The Electric Company, Inc.

The Electric Company is a specialty manufacturer of electrical products, including:

  • Specialty electrical hardware, from special conduit parts to custom high voltage boxes, parts, and equipment
  • Custom wiring harnesses and cables for prototype, research, medical, RFID and military applications
  • Custom electronic board and system assembly for specialty applications
  • Testing and evaluation services for FCC, UL, EnergyStar, and other certifications

TEC’s labs in Frost River, KY are UL, and Energy Star certified for all current requirements, and their manufacturing center in Glover’s Bend, WV is ISO9001 certified.

TEC is also a licensed distributor for a number of specialty and hard to find electrical and electronics markets, and does a brisk business providing custom systems for Model Railroaders and other Hobbyists.  These services are provided at special hobbyist/DIY/startup rates, to encourage people to pursue their hobby dreams.

Contact TEC for all of your specialty electrical and electronics needs.

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