The Frost River Sub

The newest layout being planned for the CH&FR Railroad is (tentatively) titled the Frost River Sub.  It is planned to model the industrial district of the town of Frost River.

The layout will occupy a 10′ x 10′ spare bedroom in the upstairs part of the home, and will feature mostly industrial and branch line switching operations interspersed with main line through train operations.  When constructed it should support operations for 1-4 people for an afternoon.

Frost River Layout, version 3.4
Frost River Layout, version 3.4

The layout was designed by M.C. Fujiwara of Yardgoat Layout Design, San Francisco, CA.

Presently (March 2015), the layout concept design is complete. I am working on detail design of the electrical system and detail planning of the industries and scenes, while cleaning out and prepping the room for eventual benchwork construction.

The overall concept is an industrial area in and around the fictional Central Kentucky town of Frost River.  The scenery and many of the industries are based upon Lexington, KY and surrounding towns.


  • Room Size: 10’x10′
  • Construction: EPS foam over plywood.  Shelves with peninsula table.
  • Track: Atlas Code 55
  • Minimum Turnout: #7 (main) / #5 (yard and industry)
  • Minimum Radius: 13″

(Real world) North is “up” in the diagram.

Five staging tracks are hidden beneath a large warehouse industry and a road overpass along the East wall.  These provde “elsewhere” for the main line run, which passes along the North wall, down the West side of the peninsula, across a lift bridge, and back along the South wall to staging.

The yard along the East wall provides a place for local trains to be assembled to serve the industries scattered throughout the layout.  The branch line (blue) serves the lumber yard, the chemical plant along the East side of the peninsula,  and the industries along the West wall.  Other industries are served by local freights along the main line.

There are (tentatively) two Amtrak flag stop stations: one on the West side of the peninsula, and one just North of the overpass on the East wall.

You can find details on the industries in the pages connected to this one.

A fictional Appalachian Short Line Modeled in N Scale.