JIF Peanut Butter Plant

Located along the West side of the peninsula, the JIF Plant will be a reasonably faithful representation of the JM Smucker’s company’s JIF Peanut Butter plant in Lexington, KY.  Loads include peanuts delivered in covered hoppers and peanut oil in tank cars.

Unnamed Chemical Plant

The as-yet unnamed chemical plant occupies the East side of the peninsula.  This will be a conglomeration of the various chemical plants that occupy the Kanawha Valley in West Virginia.  Loads include liquid chemicals in tanks and dry chemicals in covered hoppers — both inbound and outbound — as well as the occasional boxcar or flat of plant supplies.

Unnamed Paper / Print Manufacturer

The as-yet unnamed paper / printing manufacturer is located at the far end of the branch line along the West wall, behind the entry door.  Loads will include boxcars of raw paper stock in and (maybe) of completed paper products out.

Dixie Cup Factory

Located in the Northwest corner, the Dixie Cup factory will be a reasonable representation of the Georgia Pacific Dixie Cup factory in Lexington, KY, including the cup-shaped water tower.  Loads include boxcars (raw paper stock?) inside and a single tank car (unknown load) outside the building.

84 Lumber

84 Lumber outlets are common throughout the region.  This one, located along the North wall between the peninsula and the yard, will take centerbeam flat car loads of lumber for retail and commercial sale.

Unnamed Northeast Corner Industry

An unnamed industry will occupy the Northeast corner of the layout.  Exact specifications are TBD.

Young Storage

The W.T. Young Storage Co. manages a number of warehouses in the Bluegrass area.  This warehouse complex (which may be renamed to something fictional) occupies most of the East wall of the layout, and hides most of the staging yard.


The Pepsi-Cola bottling plant, located in the Southwest corner of the layout, accepts tank cars of corn syrup.  I may change the brand name.

Standlee Hay

Standlee Hay is a wholesale and retail hay distributor.  Hay is gathered from fields in Wyoming and shipped by rail to a rail/truck transfer facility in Lexington.  This model, along the South wall, will be a fairly accurate representation of the actual facility in Lexington, KY.


A fictional Appalachian Short Line Modeled in N Scale.